Sexual Harassment Reporting

To report sexual harassment, please click the reporting button below to send this information directly to the corporate office.

Report Harassment

Additionally, you may also report to the following agencies 

State of Illinois Sexual Harassment Helpline


State of Illinois Department of Human Rights


U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission


Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Illinois law requires employers to provide all employees with the follow training.  The materials herein are those provided as a model training program by the State of Illinois.  The most proficient tool against sexual harassment is prevention.  Please listen to the following instructional clips and or read the same materials in the provide PDF.

Part 1 - The Contexts of Sexual Harassment

Part 2 - Types of Sexual Harassment

Part 3 - Reporting Sexual Harassment

Part 4 - Employer Responsibilities

A text document of all materials covered in the videos is available HERE

Download PDF

To complete the training, click the certify button below.

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If you need further assistance or would like to speak to someone in person, click the button below to send us your request.

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