Welcome to Elkhart Station!

Featuring Illinois Makers, Creators & Artisans.

We are located in the heart of Downtown Elkhart on Historic Route 66! 
23 Miles North of Springfield and 4 Miles South of Lincoln.


Elkhart Station and Conn's Hospitality Group were featured on IRMA's We Are Retail series, showcasing the retailers who make Illinois work. 


What is Elkhart Station?

Far different than modern interstate travel, Route 66 allowed travelers to appreciate what each local stop had to offer. Elkhart Station, located on the historic mother road, celebrates this rich history by introducing you to your local farmers, makers and artisans by specializing in Illinois products because it creates a healthy and vibrant community. 

We Believe in...

   ...Warm Hospitality


   ...Love of Small Towns


   ...and knowing your local farmer, maker and creators because it generates a healthy and vibrant community.