Welcome to the Elkhart Hill Farm, previously Old Gillett Farm.  This historic farm was established in 1868 by John Dean Gillett. Passed down through eight generations of the Gillett family, the property was sold to Court and Karen Conn in 2018 to continue the stewardship of the land.  Both families carry a love of history and preservation that ensure the past will continue to live on well into the future.  And it’s hard not to feel the beauty of that history as you wind up the drive to the top of the hill and take in the views from the highest vantage point in Central Illinois.

Along with the history, Elkhart Hill Farm continues on with tradition as a working family farm.  The farm encompasses 30 acres of woodland, field, and pasture.  Atop the hill is the private residence with a number of barns and stables, and a cottage at the foot.  Also on the grounds, we maintain a vineyard, orchard, gardens, apiary, and livestock with most of the work and renovations started in 2020. 

We hope you come visit us here on the farm.  If interested, you can contact us here to arrange a tour.  As we continue our work, keep checking in with us as we plan to bring our wonderful fruits, vegetables, honey, and farm fresh eggs to our road-side stand at the entrance at the foot of the hill.

Interested in staying on the farm? Visit our Farm Cottage page for photos and a link to book your stay.