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 Corporate    625 S. 2nd St., Springfield, IL  62704    217-522-3123
Karen Conn    Proprietor & CEO   karenc@connshg.com
Court Conn    Proprietor   courtc@connshg.com
Adam Conn    Brewmaster   adamc@connshg.com
Julie Downs    Facilities Manager    julied@connshg.com 
Jay Shanle    Corporate Administrator   jasons@connshg.com 
Kristi Muller    Marketing & Promotions    kristim@connshg.com 
Trish Hannel &    Accounting / Payroll    accounting@connshg.com 
Linda Dodge        
 Inn at 835    835 S. 2nd St., Springfield, IL  62704    217-523-4466
Amy Pinkowski    Hotel Operations   amyp@connshg.com
Angie Cox    Sales Director   angiec@connshg.com
Kathy Smallwood    Event Coordinator   kathys@connshg.com
Shane Hopper    Executive Chef   shaneh@connshg.com
 Obed & Isaac's    500 S 6th, Springfield, IL  62704    217-670-0627
Justin Wright   General Manager   justinw@connshg.com
Tosha Alwerdt   FOH Manager / Events   toshaa@connshg.com
Kadoh   FOH Manager    
Aaron Elliott   FOH Manager    
Austin Warren    Kitchen Manager    austinw@connshg.com
Pete Smith   BOH Manager    
 Obed & Isaac's    321 NE Madison, Peoria, IL 61603    309-306-0190
Jeff Stevenson    General Manager   jeffs@connshg.com
Tammy    FOH Manager / Events    
Joanne    FOH Manager    
Dan Muller    Culinary Manager   danm@connshg.com
 7th Street Cidery    503 S. 7th St., Springfield, IL  62703    217-679-4726
Nicole Daniels    Manager   nicoled@connshg.com
 Trish & Mary's    107 W Cook, Springfield, IL  62704    217-679-3287
    Manager   info@connshg.com
 Wm. Van's Coffee    107 W Cook, Springfield, IL  62704    
    Manager   info@connshg.com


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