Conn's Hospitality Group expanded in October of 2021 with the purchase of Vinegar Hill Mall at 107 West Cook Street in Springfield, Illinois.  For decades, the mall has been known to house many successful and well-regarded business in its time.  The large venue, now vacant and essentially a blank slate, posed one major question.  Where to start?

Trish & Mary's Pub sits at the main entrance of the mall where formerly there was Tommy's Tap.  Trish & Mary's Pub was inspired by our capital city's need for an English-style pub.  And what goes hand in hand with a pub?  Of course, it's soccer (European football).  It's undeniable that Springfield is a soccer town and for that it only made sense to reinvent the space as a place to celebrate the experience of an English Pub in this great Midwestern city. 

Inside the pub is a large selection of import beers on draft and in bottles.  Select domestic beers are available, as well as fine liquors and cocktails.  Above are four large televisions four your soccer-viewing pleasure.  Outside the bar is the all season beer garden with a television, jukebox, subsoccer (r), and darts.

So what's the story behind the name?  The namesake for the pub are the two who are the heart of Conn's Hospitality Group. Some years ago, there were two tenacious women who kept the rest of the CHG team in line. Trish and Mary, together forming our accounting team, kept track of every detail of our business. As we grew, starting new ventures that encompass all aspects of hospitality, Trish and Mary kept the books and made sure that everyone was on the level. We would not be where we are today without them.  

In 2021, just prior to moving into our new offices at the Dewitt Wycliffe Smith mansion on property, Mary passed away unexpectedly. She had been excited about the new plans for Vinegar Hill Mall, and her contagious positivity kept everyone in high spirits. Her loss was felt deeply by everyone whose life she touched.  We wanted to honor her memory and the kindness and devotion of the two by raising their name above the door of our first endeavor at Vinegar Hill Mall.  

Pubs, especially in England, perform an important social function. They are a place to catch up with old friends and meet up with new friends. A place to relax and connect with your community while you cheer on your favorite team or play a pub game or two.  Trish and Mary’s is the first step in our plan to breathe new life into Vinegar Hill Mall, and we hope to become that social center.  We all have fond memories of Vinegar Hill Mall – now let’s make some new ones. We hope to see you soon!