Experienced Staff • Delicious Drinks • Tasty Treats 


A mix of old and new, creativity and craft, makes Wm. Van’s more than just a coffee house.  We offer a unique and relaxed atmosphere set inside historic Vinegar Hill Mall that makes the space the place to meet and gather, work, wait, read, or relax. 

And it’s more than just the building, it’s the staff and the customers that makes Wm. Van’s a member of the community.  Wm. Van’s is a hub for Springfield’s downtown culture.  We serve as a small event space for community events, activism, awareness, and the arts.  For creatives, students, professionals, and travelers, Wm. Van’s is for all. 

This local, family-owned cafe serves everything you'd expect and more. Come visit our experienced, friendly, and caring staff that serves up amazing coffees, teas and craft sodas as well as breakfast, soup, salad, sandwiches and grab and go items if you're in a rush. 

Wm. Van's Cafe is located at 107 W. Cook St inside historic Vinegar Hill Mall and across from Trish & Mary's Public House.