The History of Wm Van's Coffee House

The former home that is now Wm Van's Coffeehouse has an illustrious history. it was originally built in the 1850s by Isaac Lindsey six blocks down on South Seventh Street. To help cover the down payment Isaac Lindsey borrowed between $600 and $650 from none other than Abraham Lincoln himself. Eventually, the home came into the possession of the Maisenbacher family who held it for many generations.

Wm Vans under construction

By 2008, the home was not occupied and had started to fall into disrepair. Springfield Clinic purchased the property, intending to demolish the home and turn the land into a parking lot for their ever-growing campus. Historians and preservationists quickly took action and lobbied to save the building from the wrecking ball. The Conn family decided to step in and work with the city, Springfield Clinic and many other entities to bring the building under their care. Springfield Clinic still needed parking, so the building could not stay where it was at Seventh and Scarritt streets.

Wm Vans under construction

Wm Vans is moved

Moving day for Wm Vans

The Conn Family is proud to be the host at the Lindsey/Maisenbacher home. Its new location within sight of Lincoln's home perfectly fits the unique history of the home's direct ties to our 16th president. We hope that you enjoy the delicious fresh drinks handmade by our caring and knowledgeable staff and find that the setting is perfect to sit back and relax in the history that surrounds you. 

Wm Vans completed